Choosing the Best Gel Nail Polish

One of the nicest treats in our lives is to get pampered with either a manicure or a pedicure. For many, the only reason they don’t have one on a regular basis is because they simply have neither the time nor the money to get the job done. No one knows just why getting a manicure is so important and special but it is an age-old tradition that has been practiced by men and women for centuries.

The New Kind of Manicure

Now there is a new twist on the manicure front. The new secret formula for painting our nails has changed to a gel. This new type of polish was developed to make the manicure last longer than it usually does. On average a person with a traditional manicure can expect the polish to last anywhere from 2 to 5 days depending on how much you do with your hands. With the new gel polish that time can be extended to 2 to 3 weeks.

Still even with these new gel nail polishes you may not want to have it professionally done. If you’re a true do it yourselfers you can find real nail polishes that will cover your every need.

What to Look For In A Gel Nail Polish.

These polishes cure under UV light so you won’t be able to see the finished result until after you’ve completed the entirered-carpet-gel-nail-polish process. However, the best gel polish should be expected to meet certain parameters to give you that professional look.

  1. Your polish should be durable enough to avoid cracking and chipping. The finish should look completely professional.
  2. They should look like your natural nails, not like the glue on type.
  3. Make sure that they are not too thick. The whole idea of this nail polish is to have your polished nails look like your real nails.
  4. The need to be flexible enough so that you can still be productive in your day-to-day life.

For the beginner doing a gel manicure for the first time it is best to get a kit to walk you through the process in the right order.

What to Look For In A Gel Nail Polish Kit

When you’re trying to decide on the right gel polish kit

  1. Look for those home manicure sets that contain the gel polish that works like the traditional polish. These polishes are applied in the same way as the traditional polishes but will develop a hard outer coat when dried under a UV lamp.
  2. No gel nail polish will work well without a UV lamp. These polishes need to be cured under these lamps to develop the hard and durable shell.
  3. When you purchase one of these lamps make sure that you also get fans and reflectors. These little additions will help your nails to cure faster.
  4. There is a wide variety of kits to choose from. Some are easy to apply and others require more technique. Choose a kit that will fit your skill level. Some kits are rather complicated and tedious to apply so make sure that you get a kit that you will be able to use effectively. If you are a beginner try to get a kit that contains gel polish and not gel builders. Polishes are much easier to apply and people are more familiar with their technique.
  5. Choose a kit that fits within your budget. In general, the polish itself is not that expensive but purchasing the UV lamp might require a considerable outlay of cash. Until you are comfortable with their usage try getting one with a lower voltage for a beginning lamp.
  6. Finally, look for a complete kit. It should contain everything you need to do the entire job. A good kit will include a cleansing solution, a gel remover, and a step-by-step instruction manual.gel-nail-polish

Once you’ve mastered the technique you will have some very beautiful and long lasting manicures that people will love to admire. Pampering yourself with a manicure is like having a beauty makeover for your hands but in addition to enhancing your hands natural beauty they also help to improve the condition of your hand. When you rid yourself of the unsightly chipped, cracked and broken nails you replace them with beautiful pieces of art and splashes of color your hands will look better and you’ll feel better too.

In the end, taking care of your hands really means to take care of you.